100 Successful Women

100 women banner

100 successful women is a 100 part radio series, designed to promote the values of women’s involvement in Afghan society across the country.
Time: Sunday to Thursday 10 AM - 11 AM

People's Voice

Peoples voice banner

People’s Voice is a 19 - part elections related town hall debate series, which takes place in provinces across the country.
Time: Every Monday at 08:00 PM

Da Zhowand lara

Special Islamic Program of Arakozia
Time: Daily  6:30 Am
Producer:Molawe Mohammad yaseen


Pa Sapo ke Marghalare

The  literary live program of Arakozia
Time: from Sanday till tursday at 7 Am
Presenter: Mohammad Wasel wesal


Ketabona Daryabona

The weekly   literary   program of Arakozia Radio
Time: Every Saturday at 7 Am
Presenter, Producer Moh: Wasel Wesal


Neway Nasal Neway Fasal

Special youth Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: every Saturday at 8:30 am
Producer: Sefat samoon


Salam Arakzia

Morning greetings with Arakozia listiners
Time: from Sandat till Tursday At 8;30 Am
Presenter: Tamana wahidi



The special  Information  program of Arakozia Radio
Time: from Sanda to Tursday At 9 Am
Presenters: Diva Popalzai and Moh: Asif yosfzai


Sandar Ghare

The Introductory program of Afghan and world famous singers
Time: Saturday at 9 Am
Producer: Zahid Samadzai

Dagay aw Naghare

Lunch cooking of listeners
Time: From Sunday To Monday at 11 Am
Presenter: Adila Hassin


Arakozia Ownay

Last week best program some parts
Time: every Saturday at 10 Am
Producer: Rezwan aalh Zurmatai


Da Ghag Studi

Special Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: From Sunday till Monday at 10 Am
Producer ,presenter: Zahid Samadzai



Best chance for having   jobs
Time: every Saturday at 11 Am
Producer: Diva Popalzai


Da Ownay Faal

Different to other faal  ( astrology)  program s, its Faal from Day not from month.
Time: every Saturday At 08:30 Am
Producer: Adila Hassin


Da Storo Sind

The Special  weekly literary Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: Every 11: 30 Am
Producer: Sadaf Popalzai


Dawlat Aka

Its weekly comedian and humor Program
Time: every Sunday at 11:30 Am
Producer : Tamana Wahidi


Karana aw Maldari

Special  program for farmers  Cow boys
Time: every Monday at 11:30 Am
Producer presenter:  Idrees Siyawash



Sport Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: every Tuesday of 11:30 Am
Producer: Moh Wasal wesal


Allaah Din

Program for Children
Time: every Wednesday At: 1130 Am
Producer: Sadaf Popalzai



Medical Tips and talks with Doctors
Time: every Thursday at 11;30 Am
Producer: Idrees  Seyawash


Rekhtinay Momin

Islamic Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: from Saturday to Thursday
Presenter: Molawe Moh: Yasin Fahim


Tawday Khaberay

Talks program
In Cooperation of Tolo news
Time: every night at 9 Pm
Presenter: Shahpoor Bakhtiyar



Songs Program of Arakozia
Time: From Sunday to Thursday at 200: Pm
Presenters: Adila Hassin and Idrees Seyawash

Sandare aw Peghamona

Songs weekly Program
Time: every noon at 2:00 Pm



Live Socail Program
Time: From Saturday to Wednesday At 3:00 pm
Presenter: Rezwan and Sadaf



Special Program for women
Time: every Thurday at 3 :00 Pm
Producer:Tamana Wahidi


Zhowand aw Khowand

Cooking Special Program 
Time: from Sunday till Thursday
Presenter: Moh Asif Yoosfi


Sandrez Shorr

Super songs Program of Arakozia Radio
Time: From Sunday To Thursday at 5:00 Pm
Producer: Sifat samon



Traditional and cultural Progarm
Time: every Saturday   at 5:00 Pm
Producer: Alam gul Sahar


Quran Sa Wae

Interpretation Explanation and Translation of Holy Quran
Time: every Friday at 2:00 Pm
Producer: Molawe Mohamad Yasin Fahim